DSPH_001 | // Out December, 31th, 2016.

While listening to the audio objects contained on this compilation please keep in mind that auditory and sensory perceptions may become especially brilliant and intense; ordinary objects may seen as if for the first time and acquire new depths of significance. Colors might seem more intense, textures richer, contours sharpened, sounds much more emotionally profound. Listeners may feel keener awareness of their bodies or sense changes in the appearance and feeling of body parts. Inanimate objects might take on expressions, and synesthesia (hearing colors, seeing sounds, etc.) is most likely to appear. As more and more auditory objects you consume, events claim the attention, or it may stop entirely, giving place to an eternal present. When the eyes are closed and ears fully opened, fantastically vivid images appear: first geometrical forms and then landscapes, buildings, animate beings, and symbolic objects. The emotional effects are even more profound than the perceptual ones. The music consumer becomes unusually sensitive to faces, gestures, and small changes in the environment. Hearing become magnified. Two seemingly incompatible feelings may be experienced at once. It is possible to feel either unusual openness and closeness to the music contained on this compilation or exaggerated distance that makes the tracks seem like grotesque puppets or robots. The extraordinary sensations and feelings may bring on fear of losing control, paranoia, and panic, or they may cause euphoria and bliss.
Many recreational listeners will probably never have the chance to experience the more profound and extraordinary effects, which are usually produced by larger doses of listening sessions, closed eyes, and deep sonic introspection. At any listening, a great deal depends on the environment, the sound quality of the listening device, and the persons involved in the season. Every single auditory object contained on this compilation is a unique journey of exploration into the mind.