April, 20th, 2018

One, 🍊, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, 🍊, Ten, Eleven, Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen, 🍊, Eighteen, Nineteen, #Twenty... Yeah that’s right! 🍊

In order to highlight the #20years anniversary of now-venerable, 1998’s hallucinatory classic: Music Has the Right to Children by the seminal Scottish duo Boards Of Canada.
DSPH Sounds is initiating an ad-hoc, freeform excursion of Wildlife Analysis and music listening session held at the Belgrade’s Great War Island / An uninhibited island located at the confluence of Sava and Danube rivers.

🛫 Session Schedule:
14:30/ Meet-up at the abandoned Kaini Industry aka Zemun’s riverbank (The Municipality of Zemun)
15:00/ Arriving at the island by ferry boat (200RSD a 2-way ticket with an orange included 🍊)
15:30/ Freeform exploration across the Great War Island while collectively listening to BoC’s MHTRC on a pretty decent portable sound system 🔊🔊
19:00/ Last walk around the mirror lake and heading back to the ferry boat.

✔️ You can give us a head up that you’re coming on dsphsounds[@]gmail.com or you can just randomly appear at the meeting point no later than 14:30.

💡 One Very Important Thought:
Don't forget to bring your favorite Wildlife Analyzing tools & toys such as: Triangles & Rhombuses, Lens, Prisms & Crystals, Kaleidoscopes & Periscopes, Microphones & Hydrophones and so on.. Also bringing a sufficient amount of mineral water and some light refreshments is highly recommended*💧

⛅ Weather forecast:
Mostly Turquoise Hexagon Sunny with SixtyTen percentage of Aquarius Rain.

Yeah that’s right! 🍊

 >> EVENT PAGE <<  

October, 20th, 2017

New-Yu-Sonic-Alliance #002 ❙ The second installment from our though-provoking live audio-visual events is going to happen inside the impressive and now-occupied, 1911’s cinema space of Novi Bioskop Zvezda // Belgrade, RS.

❐ For this edition we invited some of the most-intricate audio-visual conductors, coming from both hemispheres of the globe. To immerse you in a top-notch quality, realtime audio-visual content with a serious brainwashing capabilities!

Tatsuru Arai [JP] ⑉ ARHITEK-TON
Marko Paunovic [RS] ⑉ GLACIALS
⑉ Find more details and check in on the >>FB event page<<

March, 12th/13th, 2017

Hey DSPH Folks^^ We are starting up a new series of though-provoking live-music events under the name New-Yu-Sonic-Alliance [N-Y-S-A].
Each edition will host some of the most intricate, forward-thinking sound experimentalists coming from Eastern Europe and beyond with a strong focus on live-acts operating in the Ex-Yu region.
The first installment from the series will be held in the art space of Belgrade’s Kvaka 22. Happening this Sunday(12 March/13 March). Doors are free and open from 21:00.

New-Yu-Sonic-Alliance #001 | with/ ❒ tigrics [HU], ❒ Drone Drugs-N-Harmony [HU], ❒ PonTon [RS], ❒ Noitu [MK]

>>>Event page<<<

January, 22nd/26th, 2017

3…2…1...LIFT-OFF ⇧ 🛰️ ⇧ 🛰️⇧

To highlight the final launch of DSPH Sounds as a music publishing platform. A number of ad-hoc sound transmissions will be aired at irregular time intervals ~ The transmission series will be closed by a final 3-hour long radio broadcast scheduled for Thursday, 26th of January. 10:00PM / UTC+1h / C.E.T.
You'll have the opportunity to hear a mesh-up selections of hand-picked, rare and exclusive material coming from the artists and producers involved in our debut 30-tracker offering. As well as some forthcoming exclusive material that we'll be putting out later this year on the platofrm. Stay tuned >>

📡 Ad-hoc transmissions // UTC+1h / C.E.T.
🕒 Sun?, 22/01/17 ~ ??:??
🕔 Mon?, 23/01/17 ~ ??:??
🕗 Tue?, 24/01/17 ~ ??:??
🕓 Wed?, 25/01/17 ~ ??:??

🔊Tune IN/
🌍 http://mixlr.com/dsph-sounds/

📡 Final transmission date // UTC+1h / C.E.T.
🕙 Thu, 26/01/17 ~ 10:00pm

🔊Tune IN links/
🌍 http://mixlr.com/dsph-sounds/
📻 Kanal 103 / 103.00 FM ~ Around Skopje, MK region

**Follow us on Mixlr to start recieving instant notifications each time we are on-air and dropping some dope electronica! 🎵💽

<< OUT📡NOW>>
#DSPH_001 | Various Artists ~ Objects of Auditory Perception ∞

○ An intricate, thought-provoking journey, through an exquisitely-crafted, forward-thinking, underground electronic music ○

FREE / Name Your Price release -->> dsphsounds.bandcamp.com

December, 31st, 2016/

Proudly unveiling the first installment of 30 precisely-curated auditory artifacts ~ Taken from our long-coming, debut compilation release under DSPH Sounds ↑🛰️--🛰️--🛰️↑


30 x exquisitely-crafted auditory objects / Contributed by some of globes most delicate and abstract sound experimentalists / Totaling in 2.5 hours of intricate, thought-provoking journey through a complexly-structured, forward-thinking, underground electronica.

With auditory contributions by the following line up of artists >>

AvtopatAutemuAB/DXBlochemyBunai CarusB.ATLDatolarДисфилхармонијаDrone TravoltaIsoproflexEczemGastGood EggJeremicKhng KhanLuhMakaModem PriestMika TechnikaNoituNukuaOnsyRandomformSanmiScott StrainSkognTempusTrohizK0968B3251

OUT📡NOW >> Preview / GET the compilation for FREE / NameYourPrice via our Bandcamp page >> dsphsounds.bandcamp.com/

**Please refer to the individual track pages on Bandcamp for detailed info and credits on each of the works as well as links where you can hear more works and support the contributing artists.

Hope you appreciate and enjoy the sublime quality and the immersive sound contained on this compilation ~ as much as we do here at DSPH Sounds ^^

To celebrate the final launch of the platform we'll be scheduling a few special #radio #broadcasts ~ Playing a live mesh-up selection of hand-picked, rare and exclusive tunes from the artists and producers involved in this very first release. As well as some exclusive, forthcoming material. More info on the air-date and the event will follow up soon.

Have a Stellar 2017 Everyone 🌍
With Love from Eastern Europe//


2018 - Release date TBC/
Hear two preview tracks from the first installment of our upcoming Split Editions >> 6-tracker offering by some of the most advanced sonic sculptors in toaday’s global experimental electronica.
Datolar [DE] + Randomform [RO] 
Previews available via <<Soundcloud>> 

2018 - Release date TBC/
Dropping our first long play release. Coming from the co-founder and label manager @DSPH Sounds / Noitu [MK]. An asembly of unreleased material produced between 2009/2012. Compiled and re-mastered during summer 2016. Previews available via Noitu’s <<Bandcamp page>>

More releases to be announced soon. Stay tuned for any news/updates by subcribing to our newsletter bellow/